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How to organize your grocery coupons

Multi-colored folders

Organization is key to becoming a successful couponer. You will find there are several methods to organizing your grocery coupons. My personal favorite is the binder method.
Binder method is great if you are a more extreme couponer.
With the binder method, you can organize your coupons in several different ways. One way is alphabetical. Another way is by category, this is  my personal favorite. It does takes more time to get setup using the binder method,  however it takes less time when you are shopping, and your coupons are easier to find. Each week you will spend a few hours clipping and organizing your coupons in your binder. Basically you will label your pages with categories, and then place your coupons in the correct slot. Shopping is so much easier when you can flip to the category and locate your coupon quickly. I keep my scissors, grocery list, pen and calculator in the side pocket of my binder. If you are not into clipping your coupons, you purchase a file box, with accordion style files, and place your weekly coupon inserts inside. You can organize the inserts by date. Then when you find the coupons you need, clip it and use it. This is handy if you do not wish to cut your coupons till you actually need them in the store, but it does take more time in the store.
If you prefer something smaller, a small recipe box or binder with 8-10 slots will work. You can start with the basic categories, such as
Frozen Food, Health/Beauty products, Meat, Paper Goods, Household, Pets, Canned goods, Snacks, Dairy, produce, beverages, condiments, Laundry/cleaning, you can design the categories that work for your shopping needs.
I hope these tips will help you get organized so you can feel prepared for your next shopping trip.