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Penny Pincher Gazette Guide to Getting started using Coupons


Couponing can be a bit intimidating if you are just starting out. Here at Penny Pincher Gazette you will learn how to be a strategic shopper, use coupons and save 50-90% on your grocery bill. So if you’re a newbie to couponing, this is a great place to get some coupon 101 education. Penny Pincher Gazette has helped tons of families with learning how to use  grocery coupons and has saved thousands of dollars per year with these easy coupon strategies. With a little time, knowledge and organization, you will be on your way in no time to becoming a coupon pro. Never pay retail again.

What is a Manufacturer’s coupon?
Manufacturer’s coupons are simply paper coupons with a discount for a specific product printed on it. Normally they can be used at any store that carries that specific product. You must purchase the specific product listed on the coupon (pay close attention to size, oz. and or restrictions) to receive the discount indicated on the front of the coupon. The store cashier will scan your coupon and that amount will be deducted from your purchase. Manufacturer coupons can be found in your Sunday paper, or you can also use printable grocery coupons found at http://www.ppgazette.com

Coupons can only be used once.
You may only use a coupon 1 time for the indicated items, for instance, if a coupon says save $1 on 1 jar of Jiffy Peanut Butter, you can only use the coupon on 1 jar of peanut butter. The store will be reimbursed for 1 single coupon that was used only on 1 item. If the coupon says save $1 on 2 jars of jiffy peanut butter, you would need to purchase 2 jars to use the $1 off coupon.

What does One Coupon Per purchase mean?
If you look closely at your coupons, most say this “One Coupon per purchase”. What it means is that you may use one coupon per item (unless otherwise noted on the coupon). For example if you buy 5 Bottles of Tide Laundry Soap, you need 5 coupons to go with them.
Coupons must be used on specific items purchased. Make sure you read the restrictions or limits on sizes or trial size on your coupon. Many coupons will work for a range of items listed, with some restrictions on some items. For example: if your coupon says $1 off 1 huggies wipes 96 ct. our larger. You cannot use it for the small trial huggies wipes with 25ct.

Coupons may NOT be copied or reproduced. Copying coupons is illegal and a big deal that could get you into some serious trouble. Coupons usually have a bar-code that is unique to each one printed, if you copy them, they will most likely beep at the checkout. If they do make it through the register, the coupon clearing house will not reimburse the store for duplicates, which means you will have basically have stolen from the store. There are lots of ways to get multiples of coupons legitimately, like asking friends to give you their inserts or buying multiple newspapers.

Expiration date Make sure you read the expiration date and that your coupon is not expired.

Free items or free products. Occasionally you will be able to sign up or receive a rebate or a snail mail coupon for a free item. Many companies have stopped offering printable coupons for free items due to coupon fraud.

Read the Coupon Many coupons have a picture printed on them of the most expensive item, you do not necessarily have to purchase that item in many cases. Read the fine print, limits and what the restrictions say. Often manufacturers will put a picture of the most expensive item on the coupon making you think that you have to purchase that exact item. Read the details, you may be able to buy the least expensive item and still use the coupon.
Coupons may be used on sale or clearance items. Normally this is not an issue, if you have the correct item; you should be able to use the coupon.
Look over the receipt before you leave the grocery store, make it a habit to look over your receipt. If a price on one of your items rang up incorrect or one of your coupons doesn’t show up, ask for assistance or clarification from a manager. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to go back and get something corrected and would have been over charged on sale items.
Stay calm, be Kind and be patient. Using coupons can be a little tiresome at times, however if you are informed and using coupons correctly, you should hold your head high. Sometimes the cashiers may be new or uneducated on coupon use, be patient with them, and calmly explain to them that the coupon can be used. Occasionally a manager will need to be called, be pleasant and kind at all times, and you would be amazed how others will treat you.
Have questions on using coupons? Just ask, I would be happy to try to answer your questions!

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Money Saving Tip of the Day: Buy what is on sale!

One trick I often use to save money at the grocery store besides using coupons is to plan your family meals for the week around what is already on sale! Look over the store flyer, and build your weekly meals around the sale items. Not only does this tip save you money, it gives those of us who may get in a rut of eating the same meals over and over again, a starting point for what to plan for the weekly meals. Example: Italian sausage on sale for $2.50, pick up some spaghetti sauce(or make your own) and grab a bag of noodles and your on your way to a yummy inexpensive meal.